Pets Memorial Garden 


A gift of love for your "Companionship"​

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, a beautiful memorial that is complemented by the verdant ambiance and sublime serenity for our beloved pet to rest in peace. It is indeed a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of perfection that only the unending love between you and your pet could match.

Pet Urn Compartment:​​

Pre-need Price:  RM 3,400

As-need Price:   RM 4,100

Pet Burial Land :

Pre-need Price:  RM 7,500

As-need Price:   RM 9,500

Pet Funeral Package 

Pet Funeral Package (For Dogs & Cats only)

This is an exclusive service offering a one-stop funeral facility for your beloved pet. This exclusively designed and caring service can bring the pet owner total peace of mind and a hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet with sweet memories.

Pet Funeral Package:​​

Pre-need Price   : RM 2,300

As-need Price    : RM 2,800

Service Flow


Door-to-door pickup service to collect the remains of your pet. (The service is restricted to a location within a 35-km radius from Nirvana Memorial Centre, Kuala Lumpur).


The remains will be put into a seal bag with hygienic handling for transfer to the Pet Memorial Garden.


Disinfection of the remains.

将宠物遗体置放到特制的优质标准宠物棺木 , 以精致花卉装饰宠物棺木。

The remains are placed in the Pet Casket (standard design).and decorated with flowers.


The remains will be buried within 24 hours after arriving at the Pet Memorial Garden.


Burial hole dug and prepared for burial prior to the arrival of the remains at the Pet Memorial Garden.


The casket is placed into the burial hole for burial. The burial plot will be thoughtfully landscaped.


Tombstone complete with desired inscriptions is erected.