Some Question you might have

What are As-need and Pre-need ?

As-need refers to immediately products or funeral services needed.  Clients require funeral services immediately upon the dismissal of their loved ones.

Pre-need describes the arrangement and
payment of a funeral prior to death. Preneed products or services are specifically designed for clients to reduce the cost and to have protection against the rising cost.

Where can I use the Funeral Service Package?

Funeral Service Package can be exercised at clients home (if permitted), parlors, church


Parlors available :

  • Sg Besi 

  • NCKL2  (additional charges)

  • Shah Alam 

  • Klang Taman Sentosa

  • Klang Fairy Park

  • Jinjang

  • Guang Dong Yi Shan 

Which religious package are available?

We offer different Funeral Service Package religions including Buddist, Taoist, Soka Gakkai, Christian, Catholic.

What to do when someone passed away?

  • Home Cases: make a report at the nearest police station (for age 60 and above).

  • Hospital: Hospital will issue a death certificate for individual

  • Cases involve accidents, suicide, murder, etc. Please contact our agents for assistance.