Royal Family Burial Plot

Falling leaves will always fall close to the roots of the tree. In traditional Chinese thought, it matters not where one is, or where they go, the home is the warmest haven. Deep in the soul, the heart of the wanderer will always long for home. No matter how far one travels, we will always look forward to the day when we will be reunited with our loved ones. The Royal Family Burial Plot pays homage to this line of thought.

Just as falling leaves return to the roots of the tree, the Royal Family Burial Plot is designed to be an eternal home for loved ones to be reunited in rest, as well as to provide future generations to gather in the spirit of reunion and in celebration of family.

Super Family Burial Plot

This family memorial plot immortalizes the history of your family, commemorative remarks, and any other remarkable accounts of your loved ones. Every ‘Family plot’ immortalizes a showcase of the glory of different generations likened to a personal family courtyard that champions togetherness as you bask in the beauty of the memorial park.

Nirvana Memorial Park is not only the final resting place that lives up to the spirit of the land of happiness, it also serves as a spiritual sanctuary for posterity to hold their departed loved ones in fond memories. Gone are the days when people tend to associate a cemetery with the stereotype of a somber setting that implies only a solemn and mournful recollection. The ‘Family-plots’ at Nirvana Memorial Park make a distinction by offering personalized options to suit your desires to create a unique ‘palace of art’ for your loved ones.

Family Burial Plot

Every personalized design conveys a different story worthy of commemoration. It can be likened to a beautiful poem with enduring magnificence. Here, you are greeted with fond memories that recall the interests, personalities, and characteristics of your loved ones. Through the beauty of art, the cherished memories of your loved ones come alive instantly in this highly treasured memorial.

Bask in the glory of your ancestors and be proud of their achievements for their memory will endure for eternity.

Double & Single Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park is designed in a harmonious manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and calms the heart. For those who find eternal rest here, it is simply an idyllic place to find peace. For the living, its excellent Feng Shui promotes prosperity generation after generation.

For added peace of mind and convenience, the memorial park is diligently managed through systematic and comprehensive maintenance support with modern facilities, wide paved roads, and ample parking spaces.

It also comes with a variety of burial plot choices, which include Royal Family, Family, double and single plots, with different tomb designs catering to the needs of the Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, and others.